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Meet The Brand - Splendore

1. What inspired you to start Splendore?

Fitness changed and improved my life, and that's the message I want to promote. When you work on yourself, strive to be your best version every day, genuinely connect with yourself, share your light, discover your strength, beauty, resilience – fitness made me believe and trust in myself that I could achieve whatever I wanted. That's the message I want to share with Splendore every day.

SPLENDORE is a result for art, design, fashion and fitness lifestyle

2. What is the brands ethos?

We aim to inspire confidence, foster self-love, and amplify the unique brilliance that defines you. Shine on, embrace your glory, and always believe in the splendor of yourself. Every piece is a symbol of empowerment, encouraging you to believe in yourself.

3. How do you want the brand to make people feel?

Commit to self-love, a reminder of your inherent worth and the beauty of self-acceptance.

4. How do you practice Sustainability at home and work?

We encourage suppliers to adopt sustainable business practices and align with your company's values,

Promote fair labour practices and support suppliers that provide fair wages and safe working conditions.

Prioritize suppliers with recognized sustainability certifications.

5. What does your perfect weekend consist of?

My perfect weekend would involve moving my body, being in contact with nature, seeing the people I love, filling myself with energy, taking time to love myself, reading, skincare, and enjoying delicious meals


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