Avenue Athletica is home to independent labels that deliver sustainable and ethical products, whilst not compromising on quality, design or function.

Our intent at Avenue Athletica is to source, design and create sustainable products that offer conscious choices that are accessible, yet still driven by style. A collective brand ideology that has sustainability at its core, whether that is through the products, manufacturing or operations.

As an independent business we take pride in our relationship with our customers and always appreciate feedback to uphold our ethos in offering reputable products, offering accountability and providing transparency.  

We strive only to build partnerships with like minded businesses with a similar vision and focus, and an emphasis on innovation and quality, whilst sustainable at the core. Our brands are rigorously screened for product materials, packaging, ethical manufacturing and use of chemicals and certified before joining Avenue Athletica, taking the guesswork out for our customers.

We choose to continue to educate ourselves on conscious choices and sustainability in an ever-changing market and will share ongoing resources and information on our AA News page.

Lastly we don’t want to take the fun out of shopping, of discovering exciting and creative designs, we just want to provide an Avenue to promote brands that are made better, last longer & do less harm to the planet.