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Change Happens Through Movement

Seeing Pilates on social media might make you think you need to fit a certain aesthetic to try the exercise, while it may look intimidating, it has many benefits for all body shapes and sizes. Even better, you can make many modifications to accommodate flexibility or physical limitations. It really is inclusive for everyone.
Despite seeing new, more modern takes on Pilates the original practice, known as Contrology, has been around since Joseph Pilates created it during the latter half of the 1920s. He was influenced by various disciplines like gymnastics, yoga, and anatomy.

Interestingly enough, the practice wasn’t called Pilates until the 1960s when Pilates emigrated to the states from Europe. He started rehabilitating dancers who found the Pilates method beneficial for rehabilitation and injury prevention.  

Today, Pilates is a popular exercise method practiced worldwide, with various equipment-based (Reformer, Tower etc) and mat-based variations available.

Before starting your Pilates practice, it’s good to see what method suits your lifestyle or fitness needs. Of course, there are challenging aspects to any style but overall Pilates is low-impact, making it a great choice for someone who wants to strengthen the body through intentional movement and work on improving flexibility, core strength, balance and coordination, and keep joints limber. 

It was in Sydney Australia, I had my first session in the early 2000’s (with a wonderful therapist called Taryn Polovin) and from the beginning I was hooked! There’s something about turning your brain off and working your muscles. In addition to building muscle and improving my overall structure, Pilates has been a wonderful tool to manage stress and anxiety. 

Whether it’s mat or reformer (I am now a big fan of reformer), I always come away feeling great (and pretty sweaty, too). If you’ve been on the fence about trying it, take this as your sign to leap, you won’t regret it!

Essentials for Mat Pilates
Whether you’re planning to go in-studio for a class or you want to create a setup at home, mat Pilates is a great place to start. Keeping it simple to start for a home practice. You can follow one of the many instructors online (I personally like Pilates with Zoe)

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