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Six Instantaneous Ways To Feel Better

Life can be frantic, but these simple take-outs will have you feeling great without too much effort. Try them to increase your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Call your funniest friend and meet up for lunch. It’s a sure-fire way to reduce stress and boost your feel-good hormones, while also injecting some pep into your immune system.


Feeling good by doing something kind for others is a sure fire way to happiness. If you can, donate to a charity. If you have more time than money, donate your services to a shelter or hospital. A simple way to donate is to clean out your wardrobe and take the quality clothes to a charity. 


Don’t groan. A daily spot of exercise can keep anxiety in check, and increase dopamine which boosts feelings of wellbeing. Find a way to incorporate exercise into your life that doesn’t feel like a chore. Make it social by having walking dates with friends. 

Get a pet

If you don’t have a furry or scaly friend, get one – or ask to walk or housesit for someone who does. Countless studies have documented the incredibly positive side-effects of including pets in your family. Watching swimming fish lowers blood pressure, your immune system can get a boost from stroking a dog and cat owners have 30 per cent less chance of having a heart attack.

Soak in a tub

Take time out for an indulgent bath, soaking in some relaxing bubbles or bath salts. It could be when everyone else is asleep, if your time is limited during the day. 

Keep going

Life may be full of challenges, but don’t let them throw you off track. Keep in mind that you’ll get through what feels so cumbersome today.

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