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Meet The Brand - Luka Beauty

 Luka Beauty

Five questions with Luka Beauty founder Luka Foxon

1. What inspired you to start Luka Beauty?
Self care & self exploration became important to me whilst I was experiencing burn out working in the financial Industry. I realised I was much more creative than I’d ever given myself credit to be. After establishing Luka Dayspa & Salon for beauty treatments my desire to create products came from its lockdown closure. 
2. What is the brands ethos? 

Luka is a London born-creative who believe that self-care and ‘slow moments’ are the essence of ethereal beauty.

We embody a philosophy of SAHHA – the art of doing something nice for one self. Our mission is for Luka beauty products to bring small pockets of joy to your every day routine and to guide you to find beauty and pleasure in often overlooked simplicity.

3. How do you want the brand to make people feel?
Precious & cared for. We take our small moments of self care to remind ourselves of that. 
4. How do you practice Sustainability at home and work?
Sustainability is core to what I do - all products are produced in London & can be refilled - post your empty bottles back for 10% off! I also stock my home with reliable brands.
5. What does your perfect weekend consist of?
Cosy time with my family & pets 
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