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Meet The Brand - CosyPanda

 Cosy Panda

Five questions with CosyPanda owner and designer Freddie.

1. What inspired you to start CosyPanda

With energy bills rising to silly levels and the realisation of how bad central heating is in terms of emissions the problem to solve was the first thing that I focussed on, namely, how to stay warm without using as much central heating. I then looked at the solutions out there and what my family and I used and could not get past the humble but amazing hot water bottle, which we have always used, since Granny’s cold attic as a child. So, that is how CosyPanda was born, with us setting ourselves on the mission of upgrading the beloved hot water bottle. 

2. What is the brands ethos

Be cosy in a planet friendly way as well as a commitment to making quality long-lasting products by using premium sustainable materials and expert manufacturing.

3. If you had to choose one favourite fabric which would it be?

So, the teddy is currently our best seller, and I am a big fan but I still probably sway to our bamboo fabric, which just feels so naturally soft and cosy.

4. How do you practice Sustainability at home and work

At CosyPanda we use only sustainable materials from organic materials like our cotton and bamboo fabrics to fashion deadstock and our eco teddy fleece which is made from recycled plastic. All our packaging is recyclable too. Personally, I am veggie 95% of the time, am militant about food waste and try and use as little energy at home as possible as well as travel with emissions in mind.     

5. What does your perfect weekend consist of

A weekend in the countryside; full of walking, pub lunches, puzzles, Catan and cards, and cuddling my two adorable cats, Pickle and Marmalade.

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