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Meet The Brand - Soho Rocks

Five questions with Soho Rocks owner and designer Christina Donau.

1. What inspired you to start Soho Rocks?                                               

Clothes are more versatile than ever before, with many dressing casually throughout their day. Also, with more people working from home, our private and professional lives are melting into one. That's why I started Soho Rocks. We create clothing that is suitable for all occasions, from a workout at home, to shopping at the grocery store, work or a brunch with friends. Soho Rocks will always look stylish.

2. What is the brand's ethos?

Well ... we want to make clothing people love, contribute to a more sustainable world... and have lots of fun while doing so!

3. How do you want Soho Rocks to make people feel?

Our goal is clearly to be 100% sustainable, at work as well as at home. For us, that means using materials that are good for the environment, while being functional and durable. We're working hard to give our customers the very best experience, and our pieces shouldn't only look stylish, but also make you feel good.

4. How do you practice sustainability at home and work?

It starts with the little things in life...turning off the lights (at home and at the office), riding the bike to and from work and just being mindful about our environment. Obviously, nobody is perfect but I firmly believe that if everyone tries their best, our mother earth will thank us.

5. What does your perfect weekend consist of?

My perfect weekend would start with a yoga session followed by a long shower. Then I would love to sit for a few hours on my cozy sofa with a good cup of tea and a book. In the afternoon, I would meet my friends for a nice late lunch before enjoying a full body lymphatic massage. In the evening, I would love to cook a yummy and healthy dinner for the family and just sit around for hours while eating, talking, laughing and playing board games until midnight. 

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